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We always strive to provide the best customer service and make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

Alison had her hands fill with work and home, but she needed reliable help with the gadgets in her home. She had her computer needs met, wifi boosted  and home theater all improved after a series of successful visits by SmartHomeSOS.

“When I needed advice, Smart Home SOS was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to automate our home in no time.”

Jennifer Levinson of

“I truly think Ring is one of the BEST inventions EVER! I have used services personally many times and they are refreshingly reliable, honest and VERY good at what they do! Affordable and dependable. He’s great. I HIGHLY recommend!”

Ingrid Z. from Sherman Oaks, CA

Dell computer was running really slow. Computer screen kept flashing off and on. Warning messages that my computer was running low on space.Gregg is like having my genius brother coming over and fixing my computer. I usually have my brother fix things for me but since he doesn’t live close to me now. I have used that “geek” company in the past….they were terrible and expensive! So when I decided to try Gregg from (Smart Home S.O.S.) I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly he responded to my call and booked an appt. right away. He trouble shot my screen problems and then came over again to work on my slow computer speed. He purchased a back up to store my pictures to free up computer space and got me up and running! I was so happy with his service and his professionalism. Gregg also checked my daughter’s laptop to make sure her settings were all correct. He is going to assist me in making my next computer purchase when my PC dies (which may be soon!). If you don’t have a genius brother close by to help you….Gregg is the answer to your computer/internet problems and solutions!

Adriana L. From W. Hollywood, CA

My friend recommended Gadget S.O.S. when my laptop suddenly crashed one morning. I’ve never had a great experience with tech services – either I spend hours on the phone with someone I can’t understand or have to leave my computer somewhere only to get it back a week later not fixed after shelling out a lot of money. Gadget SOS was able to clean my entire lap top and make it brand new. He also helped me pick out a new lap top that suits my job and life style and saved me a good amount on it. He was also helpful with any follow up questions I had. Overall, he made a usually stressful experience smooth and worry free.”

Nicole E. Sherman Oaks, CA

“Gregg (Gadget S.O.S.) is BEYOND GREAT and a total lifesaver! I emailed Gregg at 9 am on Sunday morning (since it was early for a Sunday) and he responded within an hour. We made an appointment for the next day (Monday) and he arrived on time, was extremely professional and knowledgeable. My laptop was fixed in a hour – all virus and malware attack removed. Gregg also showed me the new virus/malware programs he installed, how to use them and also made some general recommendations. I have been fortunate that for many years I have a friend who usually works on my computers, but he is so busy these days that I have to wait months for him to make time to come over. I am delighted and so relieved to have found Gregg because I now have someone I can call and he will be “right over”! I will be telling all my friends (both personal and business associates) about Gregg! He has a wonderful personality and demeanor too…he put me at total ease and I felt immediate confidence that I was in good hands. For me, any computer issue is a daunting and stressful experience. I feel really good knowing I have found someone who is dependable, has reasonable pricing and obviously very good at what he does! Thank you Gregg!!!!”

Jeremy B. from Sherman Oaks, CA

“Gregg Steiner of came to my office and literally saved me. Not only did he repair issues with some of my office equipment, but he also assisted me in purchasing a new computer. And he digitized my office linking up my computer, fax, stereo system and television. Now I have wireless printing and can print from anywhere in the house. My music is being broadcast from my stereo throughout the home office and house. He mounted televisions in my office for my entertainment work (screenings, etc) and I can use it as a large monitor for client meetings. He is a genius. Was on budget and his timing was perfect. Quick response. Even helped me with a few follow up calls when I needed his help! Highly recommend.”

Margaret T. from Los Angeles, CA

“Gregg came out the next day from my email, and it was Veterans Day. He called when he was running late. He kept his appointment, even though it was in the evening. He reconnected the wireless internet and talked with the AT & T technical support in India. He was done in a an hour and he was professional, polite and very competent.”


Terri E. from Woodland Hills, CA

“Gregg provided several services for me, all of which were done in a very professional fashion. My laptop, which was very old, had broken, and I needed a new system. He assessed my needs, and and set me up with a great new system, which is very user friendly (I’m somewhat computer illiterate!). I also needed a new system in my home. Gregg helped me find a system that works for me, and set it up in a timely fashion. I now have great sound in my home, including surround sound for my television. All of the systems Gregg installed for me were reasonably priced – he worked within my budget – and fit my lifestyle perfectly.

It all went wonderfully. Gregg showed up right on time for every appointment. When something he had set up wasn’t quite what I wanted, he quickly redid it to my satisfaction. He was always readily accessible by phone, and answered my calls right away. He took the time to explain both my new computer system and my new sound system, and I am delighted with them both. I was always very comfortable having Gregg in my home – I actually had him come in and do some work on a couple of occasions when wasn’t home, as I felt he was completely trustworthy. I will definitely use Your Gadget Guru again in the future, and I highly recommend him to others needed technology help in their home or office. Thank you, Gregg!”

Donna B. from Hollywood Hills, CA

Gregg is so amazing! He was super quick to come out and handle my wireless problem. He was on time and so easy to work with. I will definitely be using him for all of my computer needs. Thank you Gregg!!


Andrea B. from Woodland Hills, CA

Wow!  I thought I had lost all my contacts and my calendar when trying to upgrade my operating system, as my apple care had run out I didn’t know what to do.  Thanks to I found Gregg and he is awesome!  He showed up early for our appt. and helped restore everything and even upgraded something for my TV!!!  He is honest and easy to work with, I absolutely recommend him and will use him again!


Fern B. from N. Hollywood, CA

Gregg is my go-to expert on all things technical!  Over the last 2 years, he has helped me purchase new software for backup and computer safety, a new desktop – thoroughly transferring all my information from old computer, given me priceless guidance, training and advice.  And just this week, helped me get rid of my old, really old t.v.’s and purchase a great HD tv at a great price!  I trust Gregg, and strongly recommend him, especially if you have no clue – like me! – about all the options out there.  He’s fair in his pricing and is a great resource!!!